New Adventure Playground

As a lot of the local residents are aware, we are having a big push to raise funds for the new adventure playground, located behind the school, which after 22 years of continual use is in desperate need of replacement. We have been fund raising for the last 2 years and have currently raised £52,000 but need to raise approximately £95,000 in total. There is now a fund raising committee who are actively looking at ways to raise the additional funds but we have already succeeded in securing grant aid from Guildford Borough Council, donations from Puttenham Parish Council and a substantial donation from the Puttenham Bonfire Committee. There are also a number of funding  applications running at the moment.  

We would like to take this opportunity of thanking those people who have already donated and anybody interested in fund raising activities should contact Mike Blundell Jones.

We have arranged three fund raising events this year, the first of which is the resurrection of the Village Fete on Sunday 2nd June. The Committee have been working very hard to make this a special day and already there are some wonderful activities arranged.

Additionally, we have 2 other events planned so far, so please make a note of them.

•           A sponsored family walk /cycle ride round the Parish Boundary, on Sunday 8th September  – with a shorter circuit for the children  

•           By popular and overwhelming demand – it’s the return of the wine maestro, Rupert, who will manage the wine tasting evening which is projected to be mid-October