Wanborough Fields

Wanborough need 500 signatures for their Article 4 ePetition. Please see below on how to help.

We’ve launched an online petition on Guildford Borough Council’s website urging it to change its mind about rejecting an Article 4 Direction for our Wanborough Fields. 

Here’s what we stand to gain: 

If we get more than 500 signatures—referral for debate at a meeting of the full council

When we get the signatures and our debate in council, we can invite the press and explain why an Article 4 on Wanborough Fields is essential, not just for Wanborough but for Surrey’s landscape heritage too.

Please sign and persuade anyone living or working in Guildford borough to do so as well: your partners, adult children, relatives, friends, colleagues and neighbours. We need those 500 signatures.

This is what you must do (the council doesn’t make it easy—it’s not Amazon!):

Please click to register on Guildford Borough Council’s ePetition website here: When you’ve registered, click the link again to sign (James has done it successfully as my guinea pig). For information, the petition is called “Wanborough Fields”.

This could be our last chance to get an Article 4 Direction.

Why Do We Need a Petition?

On 15th December, the council’s Planning Director, Tracey Coleman, told our councillor, Tony Rooth, she would not recommend an Article 4 Direction to the planning committee. She made her decision despite the wishes of Wanborough residents, a request for Article 4 from the Surrey Hills AONB and a review by one of her own enforcement officers.

Meanwhile, the lower field running along Westwood Lane is being sold off by Vantage Land in up to 14 separate lots, and in the 20-acre field all but two of the seven lots are sold. The very first occupant of a plot has fenced their 2.21 acres and constructed substantial stabling for seven horses. Vehicles are already to be seen daily in the entrance layby to the field. That is only the beginning.

An Article 4 Direction removes “permitted development” from agricultural land such as Wanborough Fields. It means that new “paddock” landowners would have to apply for planning permission to:

  • Erect fences
  • Lay down hard-standing
  • Allow activities such as car boot sales or clay shoots to operate on their land

It’s not much but at least we’d know what the new plot landowners have in mind—and we’d have the right oppose their plans.

Thank you so much for supporting this campaign. It would be entirely hopeless without you. It’s time now to do your bit and get those signatures.


Happy New Year from the team at E.ON!
I am writing to you to inform you that E.ON has reopened its Energising Communities Fund and is seeking applications.
Groups and charities in your constituency can apply for funding up to £2,000 which can cover the full or partial cost of energy-related improvements and activities.
Since launching our fund in 2013, we've distributed over £140,000 to almost 85 community groups nationwide to fund energy-related projects. We understand that heating bills can account for a large part of the running costs for a community group or charity so their need to become energy efficient and save on costs is really important. Through this fund we hope to assist these groups and charities to become more sustainable and begin to lower these costs.
To be eligible for funding, organisations must submit a request by midnight on Monday 29th January 2018. For full terms and conditions of this opportunity please ensure that your constituents visit to find out more.
I hope that you are able to recommend this fund to your constituents and that this fund will be of benefit to them. If you would like any further information please do let me know.
We look forward to receiving the applications and supporting more successful community groups in 2018.

Free Thermal Imaging Course, Wednesday 24 January at 5pm and 7pm
Guildford Borough Council is providing a free thermal imaging course for local residents to help detect heat loss and missing insulation from your home. Places are limited and booking is required. The course lasts approximately 1h00 and the instructor will take you through how to use and interpret the images on the camera. To book your place, please visit:

Following the course residents will be able to borrow the thermal imaging camera to detect heat loss and missing insulation in their homes. For more information or queries please contact or phone 01483 444509


Puttenham and Wanborough History Society are celebrating their 50th anniversary on Friday 27 October in the Marwick Hall at 8pm? Drinks and canapes and a light-hearted quiz will follow the AGM.

There will be a presentation of historic postcards of Puttenham and Wanborough  as well.



Puttenham First Aid Awareness Courses - Marwick Hall, Puttenham

Saturday 4th March 9 - 12 noon
Sunday 12th March 10.30 - 1 p.m.

Following the Puttenham 'Old meets New' lunch last Sunday 29th January, where approximately 35 people expressed interest in attending the half day courses, Mike Blundell Jones has now organised the above dates and times with the training company. These courses are free of charge and sponsored by the Puttenham Bonfire Committee. Places are limited and are OPEN to Puttenham residents. If you would like to attend please contact Mike letting him know your preferred date. or 01483 810401


Join Parkinson's UK on Saturday 27 May 2017 for an exciting challenge and abseil 160ft down the iconic Guildford Cathedral.

Once you've climbed the 249 steps to get to the top of the Cathedral Tower you get to experience the beautiful panoramic views of Guildford before making your descent.

The views are spectacular, the challenge is terrifying, the cause rewarding. Are you up for it?

Our work is totally dependent on donations. Your support will help us find a cure and improve life for everyone affected by Parkinson's.

All of our abseilers receive a fundraising pack, sponsorship forms and t-shirt. We'll support you through your fundraising and be there on the day to cheer you on.

Registration is £25 and we ask you try and raise a minimum of £150 in sponsorship. Minimum age to abseil is 8 and under 16s will need to be accompanied by an adult.

For more information or to book visit, ring 020 7963 3912 or email

TUESDAY 13TH DECEMBER 2016  Guildford Borough Council has recently gained approval from all relevant parties concerning the Christmas tree recycling locations for 2016-17. The confirmed list is now live and can be seen on the GBC website at

TUESDAY 22ND NOVEMBER 2016  Guildford Borough Council Residents asked to put names forward for new war memorial.

We have just commemorated Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday to remember those who gave their lives for their country.The names of those who fell in the First and Second World War are recorded on memorials up and down the country. Guildford Borough Council is planning a new war memorial in town to commemorate and honour the sacrifices made by those who have been killed in military action or service since the end of the Second World War.
Cllr Matt Furniss, Lead Councillor for Infrastructure and Governance, explains: "We have just remembered the sacrifices many men and women have made for our country. We would like to erect a new war memorial in memory of all those who have lost their lives in military combat or service since the end of World War II. If you know of a relative or friend who this applies to, please get in touch."
The Council is in the early stages of planning the new war memorial and is asking for names as part of detailed background research. The location of the new war memorial is still to be decided. It will be installed  by 2018, to tie in with the centenary of the end of World War I.

Residents are asked to email with any suggested names. We would also like to set up a stakeholders group to oversee the new war memorial - residents are asked to get in touch if interested in taking part.


Living and Ageing Well Week in Guildford 7th - 11th November

Guildford’s Living and Ageing Well Week 2016 takes place from 7 to 11 November. Aimed at the over 50s, the activities on offer are designed to inspire and enable our residents to have fun, be active and try something new.  Caring for the elderly in our borough and ensuring we do as much as possible for their health and wellbeing, is a year-round concern for us. Click here for the timetable of events.

Cllr Tony Rooth, Lead Cllr for Housing and Social Welfare, says: “In Guildford, we are committed to supporting our residents to live and age well. and we pride ourselves in being able to meet the changing needs of our residents as they grow older. Our principles are based on what local older people have told us matters to them.

It’s vital that there is a good supply of activities, services and support available locally to help people stay active and healthy throughout their whole life. Ageing Well Week offers a wide programme of opportunities for everyone to take part in.”

We have a range of activities on offer throughout the week, including mini-manicures, exercise sessions, coffee mornings, art workshops, health talks and checks, information stands and more. All of these activities are offered free of charge or at a low cost, thanks to our generous partners who are supporting us to make this week a success.

Tony Rooth adds: “We have an excellent team of dedicated staff at Park Barn and Shawfield Social Centres, who do all they can to help older people enjoy their lives to the full. We also help people remain as independent as possible in their own homes with access to a support network of professionals and services if required.”

Our Living and Ageing Well programme works closely with partners in health, borough and district councils, voluntary, community and faith organisations, and local people with shared guiding principles and values: to make Guildford the best possible place to live and age well.

For a programme of events running throughout the week, visit:


What is the Repair Café?

Repair Café is an international movement that encourages people to think about reusing and repairing items rather than throwing them away. By promoting repairs, Guildford Repair Café  would like to help reduce waste, save money and resources and cut CO2 emissions.

Everyone is welcome to bring along their clean, broken items from home including clothes, toys, bikes, crockery, chairs, electricals etc. and repair it at the Repair Café.

Our repair experts (expert diy-ers, seamstress, bike mechanics etc) will be available to help make possible repairs free of charge and answer any questions.  

This initiative is currently being run at the Park Barn Community Centre over the next few months in order to develop it further and get it more established. It is then hoped that we can grow the repair café concept and get further cafes up and running at other venues in Guildford Borough. For more details click here



Mayoral Referendum result - Leader system continues

Here is the result of the Governance Referendum for Guildford Borough held on 13 October 2016.
Registered voters were asked how they would like the Council to be run.
              By a leader who is an elected councillor chosen by a vote of the other elected  
              councillors - which is how the Council is run now. Votes = 20,639
             By a mayor who is elected by voters - which would be a change from how the
              Council is run now. Votes = 4,948
This means that the Council will continue to be run how it is now, with a Leader and Cabinet system.
Rejected votes = 22
Overall turnout = 24.87%
(Postal vote turnout = 55.94%)
(Polling Station turnout = 15.13%)
For more information please visit our website at



Have your say about how the Council is run in the Mayoral Referendum  A borough-wide referendum on whether Guildford Borough Council should continue to be run by a Leader or change to a Directly Elected Mayor will be held on Thursday 13 October 2016.
Sue Sturgeon, Managing Director of Guildford Borough Council, says: “All registered voters across the borough can have their say about how the Council is run in the upcoming referendum. You are asked to decide whether you would like the Council to be run by a Leader who is an elected councillor chosen by a vote of the other elected councillors - which is how the Council is run now. Or by a Mayor who is elected by voters - which would be a change from how the Council is run now.
“If the majority of voters are in favour of changing to a Directly Elected Mayor instead of a Leader, to avoid confusion, the name and the role of the current ceremonial Mayor would have to change to the Chairman of the Council. If voters prefer to retain the current Leader model, we will also retain the ceremonial Mayor who is elected by councillors each year.
“I encourage you to vote and have your say – but how you vote is up to you.”
You can find out further information on our website:
including the key similarities and differences between the current Leader & Cabinet Model and a Directly Elected Mayor & Cabinet model.

Ways you can vote
In person: at a polling station on Thursday 13 October between 7am and 10pm. You will receive a poll card telling you where your polling station is.
By post: we must receive your postal ballot paper by 10pm Thursday 13 October. If you are registered to vote by post, you should receive your postal ballot paper at least a week before polling day at the latest.
By proxy: someone votes on your behalf at your polling station. When you apply for a proxy vote you will have to state why you cannot vote in person. Anyone can be your proxy as long as they are also eligible to vote and are willing to vote on your behalf. You will have to tell them how you want to vote in the referendum. You will need to fill in and return an application to vote by proxy so that we receive it by 5pm on Wednesday 5 October


You can download an application to vote by proxy form from our website at or you can email our Electoral Services team or call 01483 444115 to request a form.
If the majority of voters are in favour of changing to a Directly Elected Mayor, then we would hold the first mayoral election on 4 May 2017.



Superfast Broadband Newsletter


Surrey County Council - Information on Inspiring Views:This summer you may have noticed some rather striking looking sculptures popping up along the Greensand Way. These distinct pieces of art are part of the Inspiring Views project delivered by Surrey Hills Arts. Funded through the Mittal Foundation, this project has worked with landowners to open up hidden views along the Greensand Way, improve access and commission artists to interpret the views through art, poetry and sound.

Five sculptors and designers were commissioned to create sculptural benches at viewpoints along the Greensand Way at Gibbet Hill, Reynards Hill, Holmbury Hill, Winterfold and Hascombe Hill. 

Why not get out this autumn and see these beautiful benches. You can even go on the ‘Inspiring Views’ walk to take in a few, created by i-footpath.


A borough-wide referendum on whether Guildford Borough Council should continue to be run by a Leader or change to a Directly Elected Mayor will be held on Thursday 13 October 2016.
We want to inform voters on what the referendum is about and how it works, to help you decide how you want to vote by giving you the facts. We encourage you to vote and have your say - but how you vote is up to you.
You can find out more at and in the information leaflet we are sending to all households across the borough from 30 August.

How to register to vote

  • You must be registered by Tuesday 27 September 2016 to vote in this referendum.
  • If you’re not already registered in the borough, you can register online at


Charges from 1 September 2016 are being made for some non-household waste at the nine Community Recycling Centres in our area. The charges do not apply to general household waste and green waste such as grass cuttings, hedge trimmings, plants, flowers, leaves and weeds (restrictions apply to invasive weeds such as Japanese Knotweed). Please click here for more details.


Guildford Borough Council - Thousands have their say on Draft Local Plan. We are checking and inputting the many letters and emails, alongside the online responses, to our latest consultation. We estimate that we have received a similar number of responses to our previous public consultation in 2014 – when we had almost 20,000 comments from about 7,000 residents, businesses, community groups and stakeholders.

Cllr Paul Spooner, Leader of the Council, says: “I would like to thank everyone again for their feedback about the Draft Local Plan and the future of our borough. We wanted to reach out to as many people as possible and will review every comment, so they can all easily be shared with the independent Planning Inspector and published for everyone to read.

“We are at a very important stage in developing our new Local Plan. It’s crucial to make sure the plan we submit for inspection tackles local issues as well as balancing community needs across the borough. A key factor is to ensure suitable infrastructure, particularly transport, is in place to support future housing, employment and leisure opportunities for local people.

“We have made it clear for a long time that we can only deliver the new Local Plan in full if the necessary transport improvements are achieved. We are working with partners such as Highways England and Surrey County Council on their significant infrastructure projects, which they must complete to enable our proposed plan. Working together is the right way forward to protect our borough and help our communities and economy thrive.”

Following the Brexit vote, and the publication of the new 2014-based and household projections, we will also revisit both the Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) and the Employment Land Needs Assessment (ELNA) before submitting the Local Plan to the Secretary of State. This will ensure the evidence underpinning the Plan is robust, up-to-date and accurate. 
We will keep you updated with the latest progress and you can find out more at


All dogs must now be micro-chipped. Guildford Borough Council are offering FREE micro-chipping on Wednesday 27th July 10.30am - 1.00pm at Puttenham Common Top Car Park, Suffield Lane, Puttenham.


FRIDAY 8TH JULY 2016  Proposed changes to local bus services – confirmation of changes
As you will be aware, Surrey County Council’s Local Transport Review public consultation closed on 14 March 2016. The consultation summary report was made available in April 2016, which summarised the feedback received from those who had their say on proposed changes to local bus services.  This feedback was carefully analysed and was considered when drawing up the final proposals with bus operators.  

Cabinet, the council’s main decision making body, approved these changes to local bus services at its meeting on 24 May 2016. This will ensure that vital savings are made, whilst maintaining as many of the services as possible which residents rely upon most.

The changes to local bus services that will come into effect from early September 2016 will be communicated to residents and stakeholders from week commencing 11 July 2016. Posters and brochures with all the necessary information will be made available in libraries, local council offices, on the buses themselves and at bus stations. This information is also available on our website

FRIDAY 24TH JUNE 2016  Surrey County Council is consulting on proposals for a trial closure or one-way traffic restriction on Walnut Tree Close, Guildford.

The consultation is open until Sunday 24 July 2016. During this period we are inviting the public, businesses and organisations to find out more about the proposals online or at one of our public exhibitions. It will be of particular interest to those who live in or around the area or regularly use the road to access Guildford Railway Station, local businesses or the town centre.


THURSDAY 16TH JUNE 2016  Guildford raises flag for Armed Forces Day

Guildford will be raising the Armed Forces Day flag to honour Britain’s Armed Forces at Guildford Castle on Monday 20 June. Flying the flag marks the beginning of the week leading up to Armed Forces Day, Saturday 25 June. 
Brigadier Paul Evans DL will join the Mayor of Guildford, Cllr Gordon Jackson, Guildford Borough Council Leader, Cllr Paul Spooner, Lt Col James Sunderland, 27RLC and representatives of our local military and civilian community at the special flag-raising ceremony at the Castle Grounds (Castle Street entrance) on Monday at 10am.
The Mayor comments: "Guildford has a proud tradition of supporting the military, and Armed Forces Day is a great opportunity for us to show our appreciation for the contribution made by our service men and women – past, present and future. Flying the flag for Armed Forces Day helps raise awareness of the vital role of our Armed Forces”.
Two 81mm mortars from the 3rd Battalion The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment will be on show at the flag raising ceremony. Corporal Wheeler of the Army Medical Services Band will play a fanfare as the flag is raised at approximately 10.30am. The flag will remain in place until after Armed Forces Day, Saturday 25 June.
To commemorate the National Event hosted by Guildford in 2015, a special selection of photos will be on display in the Castle Keep until Sunday 26 June, featuring images from the Cathedral, the High Street parade and the spectacular show in Stoke Park. As part of the Heroes Welcome scheme, admission to the Castle Keep is free to Armed Forces personnel and their families throughout Armed Forces week.

To mark Armed Forces Day itself, the Historic and Vintage Military Vehicle Rally and Show will take place at Loseley Park on Sunday 26 June where a range of military vehicles will be on display alongside World War re-enactors. The event is led by Guildford Borough Council, ABF The Soldiers’ Charity and Loseley Park.


EU Referendum debate taking place on Thursday 9 June at Guildford Baptist Church, 19:00-20:30. We would be grateful if you could share this with your mailing lists. This will not be a ticketed event. The church will be open to all comers and has a capacity of 500. Details for the church can be found on and all enquiries can be sent to

At the debate, there will be a chance to hear from two speakers, one for and one against, and the audience will be invited to ask questions. Anne will chair the evening event with the following speakers representing both sides of the debate:

- Paul Lomas, Partner at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP

- Dominic Raab MP, Member of Parliament for Esher and Walton and Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Ministry for Justice

In addition, there will be a further debate for business people in Guildford on Thursday 16 June, 8:00-9:30am at G Live. The event on 16 June is for registered guests only. To request an invitation, please contact Virginia Cook at Charles Russell Speechlys on

TUESDAY 31ST MAY 2016   Guildford in Bloom 2016 -  Picnic in the Castle Grounds

The Mayor of Guildford will unveil new flower beds dedicated to the Queen’s 90th Birthday in the Castle Grounds this Saturday.
Entertainment from the bandstand will showcase acts from the Guildford Summer Festival and Guildford Fringe Festival, with theatre performances provided by the Shakespeare Company, the Boileroom, a range of comedy acts, and live music. Stands and displays run by local organisations and charities will be present, including children’s book stalls and face painting, and teas will be provided by the Castle Green Bowling Club.

There will be an opportunity to meet the Guildford in Bloom team who will be answering any questions about the competition, which can be entered before the closing date on 19 June.

Bring a picnic and enjoy a fun afternoon for free!

For more information about Guildford in Bloom visit:

THURSDAY 26TH MAY 2016  Guildford Borough Council - Referendum on Elected Mayor will be on 13 October 2016
The referendum to ask local voters if they want the constitutional change to a directly Elected Mayor will be on Thursday 13 October.
As per statutory requirements, there will be an Extraordinary Council meeting on Tuesday 12 July 2016. Councillors will consider proposals for the operation of a directly Elected Mayor and Cabinet form of governance that would be introduced if it is approved at the referendum
The role of a directly Elected Mayor is different from the current ceremonial Mayor of Guildford. A directly Elected Mayor would have wide ranging decision-making powers.
We will announce further details nearer the time.

MONDAY 23RD MAY 2016  

Guildford Borough Council - Referendum on Elected Mayor to go ahead
A petition seeking a referendum on whether the Council should be run in a different way, by an Elected Mayor, has reached 5,269 valid signatures. This exceeds 5% of the electorate in the borough (5,184), which is the total number of valid signatures needed to trigger a referendum. The referendum must take place by 24 October 2016 and we will announce the date when it is confirmed. The Council received the original petition seeking a referendum on 18 May 2015. It was declared invalid and the petition organisers then had the opportunity, as per statutory requirements, to submit further petitions, which can then be amalgamated with the original one.
The petition organisers submitted new petitions for amalgamation in February 2016, March 2016 and again on 25 April 2016. This latest amalgamated petition was found valid and a referendum will now be held to ask local voters if they want a constitutional change so that the Council is run by an Elected Mayor.
The role of a directly Elected Mayor is different from the current ceremonial Mayor of Guildford. A directly Elected Mayor would have wide ranging decision-making powers. More information is on our website at

The Historic and Vintage Military Vehicle Rally and Show will return to Loseley Park on Sunday 26 June to mark Armed Forces Day 2016. A range of military vehicles will be on display including tanks and combat vehicles, alongside World War re-enactors, The Queen’s Royal Surrey Regimental Museum and Queensmen. Two regular Army Regiments will exhibit vehicles, some of which saw active service in Afghanistan.
The event is led by Guildford Borough Council, ABF The Soldiers’ Charity and Loseley Park as part of the legacy of Guildford’s Armed Forces Day celebrations in 2015. Entry to the Historic and Vintage Rally and Show is free. The show will run from 9.30am to 4.30pm, with an official opening by the Mayor of Guildford Cllr Gordon Jackson and Lord-Lieutenant of Surrey at 11am.
For more information visit or, email or call 01483 304440.

TUESDAY 17TH MAY 2016  Guildford Borough Council - Let’s get moving event

Our Let’s Get Moving day encourages activity and general wellbeing in the community. It is a great way for residents to learn what local opportunities are available to maintain their physical and mental health.
Taking place this Sunday 22 May 1.00pm - 5.00pm at Tongham Community Centre, Poyle Road, Tongham, Let’s Get Moving brings together 60 local groups and organisations who will showcase a variety of local activities on offer for mind and body.    

A range of fun activities for all ages will be available for residents to try, including flower arranging demonstrations, tennis, yoga, Zumba, and a gardening club, as well as exercise opportunities specifically catering for older people. Residents will be able to meet the Community Street Team or learn more about the Tongham Wood Improvement Group. The University of the 3rd Age will display courses and learning opportunities.

Cllr Iseult Roche, Lead for Community Health and Sport, says:  “Let’s get moving is a fantastic initiative which brings the community together for a day of inspiring talks, demonstrations and activities. It’s a lovely opportunity to connect with others who live in your area – and is a great way of finding out what’s going on locally. There are lots of ways to maintain your physical and mental health!”

Local charities including the British Heart foundation, Age UK and Alzheimer’s Society will be offering information and advice. 

MONDAY 16TH MAY 2016  Join Parkinson's UK on Saturday 18 June 2016 for a new and exciting challenge and abseil 160ft down the iconic Guildford Cathedral. Once you've climbed the 249 steps to get to the top of the Cathedral Tower you get to experience the beautiful panoramic views of Guildford before making your descent. The views are spectacular, the challenge is thrilling, the cause rewarding. Will you join us?

Our work is totally dependent on donations and your support with help us find a cure and improve life for everyone affected by Parkinson's.

All of our abseilers receive a fundraising pack, sponsorship forms and t-shirt. We'll support you through your fundraising and be there on the day to cheer you on. Registration is £25 and we ask you try and raise a minimum of £150 in sponsorship. Minimum age to abseil is 8 and under 16s will need to be accompanied by an adult.

If abseiling doesn’t take your fancy, how about volunteering to ensure our participants get safely to the top of the Cathedral tower? Volunteers will be in pairs covering two sessions, 9.30am-12.30pm and 12.30pm-3.30pm, and the volunteers and participants go up the tower every 15 minutes.

For more information visit, ring 020 7963 3912 or email


Superfast Surrey State Aid Public Consultation  currently underway. All feedback to this consultation must be sent to by 5pm on 24 May 2016. The State Aid Public Consultation document has been uploaded to the website -


Guildford Borough Council. The new Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Guildford have been appointed, following the Mayor-making ceremony last night. The Mayor for 2016-17 is Cllr Gordon Jackson. Gordon’s focus for his mayoral year is ‘Inspiring Tomorrow’s Solutions Today’ and builds on last year’s mayoral theme of ‘Inspiring Guildford’s Future Innovators’. His two chosen charities are the Surrey Cancer Research Institute (SCRI) and the Surrey Hills Trust Fund.

The Mayor comments: “My overall theme is to celebrate Guildford’s role at the heart of innovation, along two main strands. The first is to promote a culture and a sense of place in Guildford that supports continued innovation. The second is to highlight new approaches to the management of our landscapes and the role that an increased connection with the countryside can play in improved health and well-being.
"I believe it is important to meet the challenges of the future by encouraging innovative, sustainable solutions, balancing the needs of our society with smart economic growth whilst protecting our natural environment”.

Gordon has lived in Surrey for most of his life. He lived in Pirbright for 35 years and has been ward councillor since 2010. In 2012-13 he was on the Council’s Executive as Lead Councillor for Economic Development, Tourism and Heritage. Prior to becoming Mayor, Gordon was a member of a number of Council committees including the Planning and Licensing committees. He was also chairman of the Corporate Governance and Standards Committee.

The Deputy Mayor for 2016-17 is Cllr Nigel Manning.


Surrey Artists' Open Studios 4th - 19th June. Click here for more details.

Guildford Borough Council. Motorists will no longer have to worry about change at our car parks, as RingGo cashless parking is now available (from 9 May) at all our pay & display sites. RingGo is a quick, easy to use mobile phone service, enabling you to pay for parking by credit or debit card, rather than with cash at a machine. Mobile phone users can download the RingGo app to register and pay for parking, or can call the standard rate telephone number 01483 342266. You can even pre-register in advance either through the apps or at
The first time you use the service you’ll be asked for information about your vehicle, the four or five-digit location code (shown on a sign in the car park) and details of your payment card. The next time you use it, RingGo will recognise your mobile phone and retrieve this information, saving time.
As well as being convenient, paying with RingGo reduces the risk of receiving a parking charge notice. If you’re running late or simply need longer, there’s no need to worry - just top up your parking wherever you are by using the service again.
Optional RingGo text reminders also help, these notify you 10 minutes before your parking time is due to run out, leaving you time to either extend your stay or return to your car.

Guildford Borough Council. A fantastic programme of summer bandstand concerts and events begin on Sunday 8 May in the Castle Grounds. Band concerts will be performed on most Sunday afternoons 2-4pm in May, June, August and September. They are free to attend – take your picnic rug or chairs and enjoy a toe-tapping afternoon in the stunning Castle Grounds. See the link to the event flyer for more information.


Changes to Fire and Rescue in Surrey. Have your say at our public meeting and community event at Guildford fire station on Wednesday 18th May 7.00pm - 9.00pm. Book your place at

Repair Cafe. Saturday 7th May 10.00am - 12 noon at St Clare's Church Centre, Park Barn, Guidford

“Here is your guide to this summer’s Repair Café in Guildford!

We encourage you to bring along any domestic items in need of attention. Our skilled volunteers will help you mend them in order to avoid landfill and save money and resources.

What do you do with a chair with a wobbly leg? Throw it away? No way! Come and repair it at Guildford’s Repair Café.”

TUESDAY 19TH APRIL 2016   Guildford Borough Council Local Plan will tackle the borough’s potential housing crisis

  • Big difference between supply and demand for suitable homes
  • Many more homes need to be affordable, especially for essential workers
  • Housing shortage has a major impact on employment and transport

Guildford borough faces a housing crisis if the demand for more suitable homes is not tackled soon. The area needs sustainable development focused on building more homes of the required size and type.

Cllr Tony Rooth, Lead Councillor for Housing and Social Welfare, said: “Our borough has a serious housing shortage and three key concerns must be confronted. Firstly, the supply of smaller and more affordable properties is seriously below the level needed. Secondly, we must make best use of land available for housing hence the Council's firm policy of brownfield first. Thirdly, urban land covers no more than nine per cent of the borough, giving little room for growth without including a small part of the Green Belt that stretches across 89 per cent of our borough. We feel we can achieve our goals with just 1.6 per cent of land taken from the Green Belt and allocated for development.”

To avert a potential housing crisis, the Local Plan aims to balance the needs of all residents, businesses and visitors. It will also protect the borough’s most important countryside, landscapes and heritage in planned, pragmatic and sustainable ways. The revised Local Plan was published on Tuesday 5 April 2016, having considered over 20,000 comments and questions received from local residents, businesses and organisations during the most recent public consultation. The Plan is also supported by detailed evidence using the best advice and forecasts available. A Consultation Statement will be issued in May 2016 highlighting the changes made.

Cllr Rooth continued: “We live in a prosperous, but expensive, borough which is seriously short of affordable housing. Average house prices here are about £450,000 and the private rental market is equally costly - you just have to look at prices on local estate agents' particulars for sale or to let to understand the issues. Many people who work in the borough, including essential workers such as teachers, nurses, police officers and carers cannot afford to live here, whether in bought or rented accommodation."

The lack of suitable affordable properties means many must commute into the borough adding to congestion on local roads. It also makes them susceptible to taking jobs nearer to home, creating employment recruitment and retention issues for employers across the borough. The Local Plan requires at least 80 per cent of new homes to have one, two or three bedrooms to ensure the borough has all types and sizes of homes for all parts of the community, supported by suitable infrastructure including transport, education and healthcare.

Cllr Rooth emphasised: "The Local Plan aims for 40 per cent of new homes to be affordable. The borough also needs many smaller homes available for all ages and needs. The young looking for a first home, older ‘empty-nesters’ wanting to downsize and stay local and those wishing to move or work within the borough are hindered by the current limited choice of modest size homes.

“We need a practical and balanced approach to housing across our borough. We have an adequate supply of prime rural houses but a serious shortage of smaller more affordable homes, which may become a crisis if decisive action is not taken. We will lead the way to increase the much needed number and type of housing through the Local Plan. The Council has also taken charge of improving our travel infrastructure through the Transport Strategy 2016.”

Many sites in the borough, including some in the Green Belt, have been reviewed in detail to determine their suitability for housing. Only those that meet strict criteria have been included in the Local Plan. Each site will still require full planning permission, allowing further scrutiny. Once adopted, all future planning applications will be considered in line with the Local Plan, helping to limit piecemeal and inappropriate developments that fail to address the needs of everyone in the borough.

The revised Local Plan will be considered at Executive and Full Council meetings in May 2016. For further details and to view the revised plan please visit:

For up-to-date news about the Guildford Borough Council Local Plan, please go to, or follow discussions on Twitter @GBCPlanning.


Fire Prevention Presentation at The Good Intent, Sunday 24th April 7.00pm.  Click here for more details.


Repair Cafe - Saturday 9th April. Guildford Borough Council would like to help reduce waste sent to landfill to save money and resources. Expert DIY-ers, electricians, seamstresses and bike mechanics will be available to help make possible repairs, free of charge. Click here for more details.


Guildford Borough Council have issued their revised Local Plan.  Click here for more information.


Guildford Borough Council Special Meeting of the Planning Committee. A Special Meeting of the Planning Committee will be held in the Council Chamber at Millmead House on Wednesday April 6, 2016 at 7pm to consider Planning Application 15/P/00012, the development of up to 2,068 dwellings at the former Wisley Airfield, Hatch Lane, Ockham.
The agenda for this meeting is to be published today, Wednesday 23 March.  If you have made a representation in relation to this application, you will have received a letter/email inviting you to register to speak. There will be a maximum of four public speakers permitted to speak in favour of the application and four against at the meeting.
The public may register to speak from today, 23 March, with applications taken on a strictly ‘first come first served’ basis.  The deadline for registration is midday on Tuesday April 5, 2016. 
Seating capacity for members of the public in the Council Chamber is limited.
The meeting will be webcast live and can be viewed on our website via our website at:
For the agenda and report visit our website here.

Next Steps to proposed changes to local bus services. The feedback provided will be carefully analysed and the views of everyone who took part in the consultation will be taken into account when drawing up the final proposals with bus operators. This will ensure that vital savings are made, whilst maintaining as many of the services as possible which residents rely upon most. We'll share a summary of the public consultation results on the website in early April.
The final proposals will go through several stages of scrutiny. Firstly, they will be tabled at the Members Reference Group on 13 April 2016, then the Local Committee Chairmen’s meeting on 19 April 2016 and the Economic Prosperity, Environment and Highways Board on 21 April 2016. To conclude the scrutiny process, the final proposals will be considered by Cabinet on 24 May 2016. Any agreed changes to bus services will be communicated to residents and stakeholders from June 2016, with the changes coming into effect from early September 2016.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the project team directly by email to

Mayor of Guildford Charity Events. Please see below details of charity fund raising events in aid of the Mayor’s chosen charities, The Mayor of Guildford’s Local Distress Fund and SATRO

Friday 8 April – 7pm – Quiz and Curry Evening

Tuesday 19 April – 1.30pm – Charity Bridge and Afternoon Tea

Thursday 21 April – Festival of Tulips at Dunsborough Park, Ripley.  The event will run from 2pm to 7pm, entry to Dunsborough Park is £6 throughout and tea and cakes will be sold in aid of SATRO. 


Community Recycling Centres. Some centres are changing their opening hours. Click here for details.


Marie Curie Free Will Writing Promotion

Marie Curie Advert


Puttenham Camping Barn are looking for a Company Secretary. The main duty involved in the position is ensuring the annual report and accounts are correctly finalised and submitted to Companies House as well as to the Charities Commission. The treasurer, Keith Chesterton prepares all monthly and annual accounts so would be liaising closely with the Company Secretary and clarifying any queries.

The Company Secretary does not need to be a trustee of the company/charity Project Oasis North Downs (but would be welcome to consider becoming a trustee if desired). He/she also does not need to have formal accounting qualifications.

If you are interested in discussing this further, or if you perhaps know of someone who could be interested, please in the first instance contact the treasurer Keith Chesterton at or on 01483 563392.


Repair Café is an international movement that encourages people to think about reusing and repairing items rather than throwing them away. By promoting repairs, Guildford Borough Council would like to help reduce waste, save money and resources and cut CO2 emissions. For more information please visit:  contact or phone 01483 444509


Proposed changes to local bus services: public consultation launches - Some changes are being proposed to a number of local bus services in Surrey and a public consultation launched this week, giving residents the chance to have their say. The consultation will run until Monday 14 March 2016. The proposed changes are part of the council’s local transport review and residents can find out more and have their say by completing the questionnaire online. Paper questionnaires are available in Surrey libraries and local council offices, and residents can request a copy sent straight to their door by calling 0300 200 1003 (SMS: 07527 182 861).

The little book of big scams - The Metropolitan Police has published a 'Little Book of Big Scams'. It has been sent to safer neighbourhood police teams across Surrey and contains useful information on how to spot a range of scams including courier fraud, ticketing scams and door to door scams and advice on how to protect yourself. It also contains the top 10 golden rules to help people beat scammers.

Surrey gives view on Transport for London rail plans – Plans unveiled on Thursday to give Transport for London control of parts of the rail network currently run by operators such as South West Trains and Southeastern were welcomed by the county council for the potential benefits for Surrey commuters and businesses, although the authority highlighted issues it wanted to address.

Rescue services sign agreement to keep communities safe – Surrey Fire and Rescue Service has signed an agreement with Surrey Search & Rescue to work together in the event of flooding and during other water rescues. Surrey Search & Rescue (SurSAR) is a team of highly-trained volunteers who already support fire crews when called on to do so. They helped firefighters to rescue stranded people during the floods in February 2014.