Who Are We?


The plan is being written by volunteers from the village who have been co-opted by Puttenham Parish Council.  Each member has a specific area of responsibility.

The neighbourhood planning group's role is to organise and deliver the range of activities needed to develop the neighbourhood plan including;

  • define the vision and objectives of the neighbourhood plan
  • define the scope of work needed to develop the neigbourhood plan
  • develop a project plan and communications plan for delivery of the neighbourhood plan
  • manage resources and budgets to deliver the neighbourhood plan. Apply for grant support as appropriate
  • resolve conflicting views across areas of interest
  • report on progress to Puttenham Parish Council
  • maintain communications and collaboration with Guildford Borough Council planners
  • identify external resources to assist and advise on the production of the neighbourhood plan.

Current members

Mr Mike Blundell Jones

Mr Pip Adlam

Mr David Binns

Mrs Verity Cassar

Mr Ian Creswell

Mrs Sally McIlroy

Mr Guy Thompson



Working groups have been formed on the following themes.

Residential Development and Land Use - David Binns and Ian Creswell

Traffic and Transport - Sally McIlroy

Community Facilities - Verity Cassar

Heritage and Townscape - Guy Thompson

The steering group meets on the first Wednesday of every other month.  Details are available from the parish clerk.

Contact the steering group at Puttenhamplan@outlook.com