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January 2020

Puttenham Neighbourhood Plan 

I can now confirm that all documents have been finalised and submitted to Guildford Borough Council for their approval, so watch this space for the Village Referendum, which we expect to hold in the early summer.

Documents can be viewed on the Neighbourhood Planning Page of this website and hard copies are available upon request.

Parish Precept

After no increase for the last 4 years and with increased costs and inflation eating away at our finances, the Council voted to increase the precept by 5% for 2020/2021.

Parking in the Village

A number of new complaints have been received from villagers that they are unable to walk down the pavement, particularly in the middle of The Street, because of cars parking on the pavement too close to walls or fences thus causing an obstruction.

We are not asking you not to park there but when you do, you must leave enough room for pedestrians otherwise they have to walk in the road which is dangerous; especially for those people with prams, walking frames and mobility scooters.  We highlighted this situation in the December issue of the Parish Magazine and we will now be delivering a leaflet to all residents detailing these issues. Those continuing to park inappropriately will receive a police notice. Therefore could we please ask that you think before you park.  We will also be issuing the same leaflet to parents/carers of Puttenham School and they too will receive a notice if parked inappropriately.  We appreciate your co-operation with this matter and aim to make our village a safer environment for all.

Web Site

The project for the new web site in 2020 is to further develop the site for all the local organisations, societies and clubs to enable them to promote their events and membership throughout the year.  We will also be producing a village calendar where anyone can see what time, day and date meetings take place and subsequently a booking system for all to use.

Policy Documents

We are continuing to update all our parish policies which you will be able to see on the web site, i.e., Equal Opportunities, Data Protection, Social Media, Health and Safety, Freedom of Information, Vexatious Policy, etc.

Adventure Playground

Unfortunately until we have approximately 10 days with no rain which would allow the ground to dry out, we will not be able to complete the build and open the new playground.

Puttenham Downs

With the continual rainy weather it has also meant that we are unable to cut the long grass in order to progress with our ancient apple orchard.  However, the clearing of old trees has begun and we expect to plant the new apple trees in the spring.


Mike Blundell Jones


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