Connect – On demand bus service when you want it.

This on demand bus service is now available to Puttenham residents to travel sustainably from £2.

The new scheme, funded by Surrey County Council is open to everyone in the area and fares are charged on how many miles are travelled starting from £2 for adults.

For more information visit

Journeys can be booked online at (sign up required).

Buses run Monday to Friday 7:00am-7:00pm and on Saturdays from 8:00am-6:00pm.

Journeys can be booked with 30mins notice or up to 7 days in advance.


Guildford House Gallery launches prestigious awards.

Guildford House Gallery and arts consultancy, Parker Harris, are launching a new annual open art competition and exhibition.

The winning artist will be awarded with a solo exhibition at the gallery and a prize of £1,000.

All budding artists should go to “Upcoming Events” for more information and competition entry details.

Chairman’s Report September 2023


New Queen Elizabeth’s Woodland Walk. Wood Lane, Seale.

Click on the link below for more information on this exciting new walk in our area.


Register to vote in the annual canvass 2023

GBC are appealing to residents to check their elecroral registration details are up to date. 

Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner elections are scheduledfor May 2024 and a general election is due by January 2025. Only registered residents are eligible to vote.

From 4th August, GBC will start emailing or writing to every household in the Guildford area. By law, everyone needs to check the registration details held by Electoral Services are accurate and up to date. This is known as the ANNUAL CANVASS.

16 to 17 year olods can register to vote ahead of their 18th birtday.

Students who have moved to our area are permitted to register at both their term time and home address. they can then choose which constituency or voting area they vote in.

More information on registering to vote is available on the Electoral Commission website.


Puttenham Barn Bunkhouse Training Day  Saturday 2nd September 2023

If you are interested,or know of anyone else who would be interested, in becoming a volunteer warden of Puttenham Barn Bunkhouse and would like to attend this training day, please email Tish on or call her on 07814 750901.




Important -New Community Transport Hub

Thank you to everyone who has responded so far to the “New Community Transport Hub” link below. 

Putteham Parish Council have made an application for funding to transform the area by the skate park into a safe, cleaner and more appealing parking space in order to help alleviate the traffic situation in the village particularly during school drop off and pick up times. 

It will  have electric charge points and bike racks and will be built in as ecofriendly a way as possibe. It will enable more people to access all the recreational facilities offered at the recreation ground and,in particular, will benefit those who find it more difficult to access the area on foot. 

In order to be successful in the funding application, the PPC need to demonstrate that this project, which many parishioners requested via the Neighbouhood Plan, has the support of the local community. Traffic and parking in the village was shown in the Neighbourhood Plan survey to be the biggest annoyance in the community as a whole and this project should really help alleviate the problems.

Please help by following the link below and show your support. The more support, the more likely it is that the funding will be granted.

Have Your Say Today – Please follow link:

Puttenham Common Habitat Restoration Update

Following on from the many presenations given to the public by Hampton Estate regarding their 100 year plan for Puttenham Common their website is now up and running. If you wish to access the information please follow the link below or go to our useful links tab and click on Sustainability.


With many householders extending and renovating their properties, can you please ask all your builders and delivery drivers to park appropriately and respectfully for other householders without affecting the flow of traffic, blocking driveways or parking dangerously in the village, particularly in The Street which is very narrow. We would also ask that any noisy building works finish at 1 pm on a Saturday and remind people that it is prohibited to have noisy work on Sundays and bank holidays, as per current legislation. 

21st July 

The Parish Council are holding a presentation evening on Wednesday 21st June at 7:30pm in The Marwick Hall, where Hampon Estate will be presenting “The Next 100 Year Plan for Puttenham Common”. 

This meeting is an opportunity to hear the plans and  give your views.


Local Celebrity – Dave Williams

Puttenham Hop Fields

Hampton Estates are applying digestate in the new hop gardens to the hop plants for nutritional purposes.

In the past we have used synthetic fertilizer for this particular application, but are trying a liquid fertilizer instead. It’s completely inert with a make up of maize and grass waste and is the bi product of electricity production through an anaerobic digester system.

It accords with our aim to have less dependency on industrial man made products and is a natural solution.



An uncontested election was held on Thursday May 2023 and the following were duly elected.

Mike Bundell Jones

Will Yule

Jane Perowne

Robert Creer

A further Councillor will be co-opted under Parish Council regulations in due course.

DECLARATION OF RESULT of Local Election 4th May 2023 – Pilgrims Ward .


In total 48 councillors have been elected.

The final composition of the Council is:-

Liberal Democrats: 25

Conservatives:        10

Residents for Guildford and Villages: 7

Guildford Greenbelt Group: 3

Labour: 3

The overall turnout for the borough was 38.76%

The postal vote turnout for the borough was 67.1%

The polling station turnout for the borough was 38.76%.

Tennis Coaching on Puttenham Court

Marcus Crowe is a fully accredited LTA Club Coach and is USPTR qualified with 20+ years of experience at small and large tennis clubs.

Marcus’s contact details and rates can be found on this website under the Sports Clubs/Tennis Club section.

At present Marcus’s availability is limited to weekdays and a few evening slots. However, this is perhaps perfect for the summer holidays and keeping the youngsters both  entertained and productive! 


Reference:   23/P00514

Location:       Rodsall Manor, Rodsall Lane,Puttenham, Guildford, GU3 1BE.

Proposal:      Change of use and conversion of ground floor of existing oast to provde a self contained flat.

Contact:       Victoria Bates  ( Direct Line 02483 505050, EMail

If you wish to view or comment on this application, follow the link below and quote the reference number above:-

Reference:     23/P/00235

Location:         The Retreat, Suffield Lane, Puttenham, Guildford, GU3 1BG.

Proposal:       Proposed two-storey extension and rof extension to form a rear dormer

Contact:         Ian Opolot ( Direct Line 01483 505050, EMail

Reference:     23/00310

Location:        Puttenham Golf Club, The Heath, Puttenham, Guildford, GU3 1AL.

Proposal:       Engineering works to form aggregate storage bays.

Contact:        Victoria Bates ( Direct Line 01483 5045050, EMail )

To view or comment on either of these applications follow the link below and quote the relevant reference number:-


Chairmans Report March 2023

Chairmans Report February 2023

New Planning Application

Reference:    22/P/02115

Location:       Monks Hall, Puttenham Heath Road, Puttenham, Guildford,GU3 1AJ

Proposal:      Certificate of lawfulness for existing development to establish if an extensio to garage, twostorey front extension, first floor link ti garageand tile hangingto link and garage replaced with black fibre cement boarding were substantially completed more than four yearsbefore the date of this application.

Contact:      Officer Unassigned (Direct Line: 01483 505050, EMail:


Parish Council Meeting Dates 2023

9th January

6th March

15th May AGM followed by Parish Council Meeting

3rd July

4th September

6th November


New Planning Applications

Reference: 22/P01713

Location:    Iringa Cottage, Seale Lane, Puttenham, Guildford, GU3 1AX

Proposal:   Erection of a single storey side and rear extension following demolition of existing conservatory and garage.

Contact:     Kieran Cuthbert ( Direct Line 01483 444609 EMail

Reference: 22/P/01627

Location:  Copperfields, Seale Lane, Puttenham, Guildford, GU3 1AX

Proposal:  Construction of a single storey rear conservarory extension, two storey side extension and associated alterations following demolition of a single storey conservatory and side extension.

Contact: Drew Blackman( Direct Line 01483 505050, EMail

Reference:  22/P/01623

Location:    Springfield Manor Nursing Home, Hogs Back, Puttenham, Guildford, GU3 1AQ 

Proposal:  Proposed extensions and alterations to existing residential care home including ancillary landscaping works and minor demolitions.

Contact:   Ben Mitchell ( Direct Line 01483 505050, EMail

Reference: 22/T/00255

Location:   Fox Cottage, 119 The Street, Puttenham, Guildford GU3 1AT

Proposal:  1x Beech tree 30% reduction requested marked as 1 x Eucalyptus tree 30% reduction requested marked as Eucalyptus.

Reference: 22/P/01634

Location: Highfield Lees, Seale Lane, Puttenham, Guildford, GU3 1AT

Proposal: Proposed single storey workshop/store to side; first floor extension to allow rear dormer incorporating rooflights and solar panels; changes to fenestration, cladding and landscaping improvement.

If you wish to view or comment on any of these applications, use the link below and quote the relevant reference number:-

Reference:       22/P/01332

Location:           Suffield Cottage, Suffield Lane, Puttenham, Guildford,GU3 1BD

Proposal:        Proposed single storey extension with an open porch to the front, two storey extensions to the front, side and rear                                           including a balcony and rooflight, changes to fenestration.

Contact:         Kieran Cuthbert (Direct Line 01483 444609, EMail

Reference:      22/P/01300

Location:        Wayfarers, 155 The Street, Puttenham, Guildford, GU3 1AT

Proposal:       Change of use from agricultural land to domstic garden.

Contact:         Ben Mitchell (Direct Line 01483 505050, EMail

If you wish to view or comment on these applications, use the link below and quote the relevant reference number:-


Reference:    22/P/01159

Location:       Oliver Hill, Seale Lane, Puttenham, Guildford, Puttenham, GU3 1AX

Proposal:     Raising the roof, two front rooflights, front gable insert,one large rear dormer and minor change to rear fenestration.

Contact:      Kieran Cuthbert ( Direct line 01483 444609, Email planning

This application can be viewed online at:-

Reference:  22/P01117

Location:    6, Mundays Boro Road, Puttenham, Guildford. GU3 1AZ

Proposal:   Proposed conversion of the loft to habitable accommodation including raising of the roofand rear dormer windowwith juliet balcony.

Contact:   Kieran Cuthbert (Direct Line 01483 444609, Email

This application can  be viewed online at:-

Reference: 22/P/00722

Location:     Manor House Cottage, Hook Lane, Puttenham, Guildford, GU3 1AN

Proposal:   Two storey extension to existing detached house.

Contact:     Sakina Khanbhai ( Direct Line 01483 444640, EMail

This application can be viewed online at:-

To access this application please use the reference given above.

Reference:    22/P/00001

Location:      Land to the west of Kende Avour, Suffield Lane, Puttenham, GU3 1AT.

Proposal:     Application for a combined agricultral barn and an agricultural workers dwelling.

Contact:     Margarita Romanovich ( Direct Line 01483 444675, EMail

This planning application can be viewed online at:-

Quote the relevant reference number given above.

January 2022

Reference:    21/P/02511

Location:      6, Mundays Boro Road, Puttenham, Guildford, GU3 1AZ

Poposal:       Proposed loft conversion including raising of roof, hip to gable roof extension, rear dormer window with juliet balcony and two front roof lights along with changes to fenestration.

Contact:        Maria Vasileiou ( Direct Line 01483 444737, Email

This planning application can be viewed online at:-

Reference:   21/P/02300 and 21/P/02301

Location:      50-52 The Sreet, Puttenham, Guilgford, GU3 1AR

Proposal:      Erection of oak post open fronted car port built with timber frame, external shiplap boarding and a tiled roof.

Contact:        Kieran Cuthbert ( Direct Line) 01483 444609, Email planning

These applications can be viewed online at:-

Quote the relevant reference number.

Reference:    21/P/02133 and 21/P/02134

Location:      Home Farmhouse, 36 The Street, Puttenham, Guildford, Surrey, GU3 1AR.

Proposal:    Full and Listed Building Consent:   

Conversion of existing derelict barn on the site of Home Farm House to residential use, including alterations to fenestration, insertion of 11 rooflights, 2 dormer windows and new porch roof.

Contact:     Katie Williams ( Direct Line 01483 444699,          

This application can be viewed online at:-

Quote the reference numbers listed above.                    

Reference:  21/P/01935

Location:     Copperfields, Seale Lane, Puttenham, Guilford, GU3 1AX

Proposal:    Proposed first floor side and two storey side/rear extension.

Contact:     Sakina Khanbha ( Direct Line 01483 444640         )  

This application can be viewed online at:-

Quote the reference number above.


September 2021

New Planning Application

 Reference: 21/P/01774

    Location: 9, Munday’s Boro Road, Puttenham, GU3 1AZ

    Proposal: Certificate of lawfulness for proposed development to establish whether a single storey rear extension and re siting of front door would be lawful

This appliation can be viewed online at:-

Quote the relevant reference number

New Planning Applications

1. Reference: 21/P01022

    Location:  Iringa Cottage, Seale Lane, Puttenham, GU3 1AX

    Proposal: Proposed loft conversion with formationof habitable room in roofspace with side, front and rear dormers.

2. Reference: 21/T/00145

    Location: 77. The Street, Puttenham, GU3 1AT

    Proposal: Yew(T1) – reduce by up tp 3m to leave a finished height of 6.5m and reduce lateral extesion by 1,5m to leave a width of 6m;

Yew (T2) – reduce height by up to 2m to leave a height of 6.5m and reduce width by 1.5m to leave a width of 6m. (Tree Preservation OrderNo.1 of 2010).

Details of these applications can be viewd and commented on at:-

Quote the relevant reference number to access the details.

Puttenham Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Result

We are pleased to announce that following the Puttenham Neighbourhood Plan Referendum which took place on 6th May, the Plan has now been formally adopted following a positve result. 

The result of the Referendum is as follows:- 

Number cast in favour of YES          177

Number of votes cast for NO            24

Electorate: 458           Ballot Papers Issued: 202        Turnout: 44.10%

Many thanks to everyone who voted but particular thanks to those parishioners who gave so much of their time and hard work to produce the Puttenham Neighbourhood Plan and bring it to this successful adoption. 


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