Parish Amenities and Societies

Although Puttenham is a relatively small village we are proud to have many recreational amenities and societies. Below are all of their contact details. 

Recreation Ground. Playground, Outdoor Gym, Pavilion,Tennis Court and Skate park. 

The recreation facilities are off School Lane just behind the school.

The recreation ground can be hired for functions by contacting the Parish Council. 

The Pavilion can also be hired for functions by contacting the Parish Council.

For further details contact Mike Blundell Jones or Will Yule,uk

Puttenham  has a well maintained Tennis Court which is also situated behind the school. For details of how to join the Tennis Club and subscriptions, go to the Sports Clubs tab where you will also be able to view the court.

There is now a new table tennis table which is posiotioned next to the football pavillion, For logistical reasons, you will need to provide your own bats and balls!

Here is the Playground 2022 Annual safety Inspection report:

Puttenham Play Area Annual Safety Inspection Report

Puttenham Barn Bunkhouse

This very reasonably priced accommodation for walkers and cyclists can be found on The Street in Puttenham village.

 Simple, wardened, overnight accommodation is offered  17:00 -10:00 the following morning from Easter to October.

This is an amazing environmental venture alongside the North Downs Way long distance footpath and Sustran’s Cycle Network Route 22.

Enquiries and Bookings

For more information or to book visit the website below:-

other contact details:-

01483 811001

Marwick Hall

The hall consists of a main room with kitchen and a smaller committee room, both of which can be hired separately. For further details contact

Margaret Forwood

01483 813855

 Puttenham & Wanborough Community Group 

The Puttenham and Wanborough Community Group was first started in 1971 with 20 members.  It was thought that a village full of good willed, talented people could help to solve most problems that the villagers might come across.  Even if members of the group couldn’t help then they would act in the strictest confidence and at least be someone to talk to.  The moral of the group still stands today.

We are now a small team of 8 volunteers  and are fortunate to be supported with funds from Smiths Charity, both Parish Councils and the Puttenham Bonfire Committee.  As time moves on , the needs of the Parishes have changed with modern technology and home delivery meaning that less running about is needed, however we still find that we are being asked for help in one form or another.  We have purchased a wheelchair for residents to hire and financial assistance where needed.  We also organise the publication of the village directory – The Blackbird Book.  Even in such a seemingly affluent area it’s important to remember that one everyone is quite so well off and no matter the background, there is help available.

Chairman – Nicki Coveney – 01483 811095

Secretary – Verity Cassar

Puttenham and Wanborough Housing Society Ltd

In the early 1960’s, Jock Vevers & Paddy Smith, two distinguished and longtime residents of Puttenham, realised there was a need for affordable rental property in the village and decided to do something about it. They said at the Society’s first meeting:

“ We formed a Housing Society in March 1962 as a direct result of nine condemned cottages being vacated and then sold apparently for modernisation,conversion into fewer units and re-sale. This was a loss of nine dwellings to people who rely on rented accommodation and cannot afford to buy the modernised or converted buildings……We are not against owner-occupation nor are we against natural change,but we are against driving out a section of the people of Puttenham by taking away their houses and not replacing them.”

Then in the early 1970’s , Lord Taylor, Chairman of Taylor Woodrow Ltd and a Wanborough resident, helped the Society to acquire six bungalows for the elderly near Wanborough Station. Currently the Society owns 15 properties for rent to those in need and having a connection with the local community.

The Society is managed by a small team of local volunteers who meet quarterly and who cooperate with a large housing association based in Woking whose in-house staff are able to help with the repair and maintenance of all of the Society’s properties.

Being a small Charitable Independent Provident Society with limited liability, the Society is owned by its company members – local individuals each holding a nominal £1 share in the company. If you would like to be involved in the work of the Society, please ask Company Secretary, Martin Bramley  ( 811139) to let you have an application form or speak to Company Chairman John Hewitson  (810431).

At a time when an increase in its housing stock may well become a realistic prospect, through the implementation of the neighbourhood plan currently being drawn up by Puttenham Parish Council, why not become a member? The Society belongs to the community and you can influence its work through your membership and, particularly, through your attendance at its Annual General Meetings where important decisions are made on your behalf for our community.

History Society  

Puttenham & Wanborough History Society was formed in 1967 with the object being the study of local history and to preserve records of historical interest. The society holds five meetings a year and usually have one or two outings during the year. Membership is open to all residents and further details can be obtained from

Mrs M Saunders

01483 810575

Gardening Club  

This club has varied meetings which include talks, shows and garden visits throughout the year. An annual subscription is payable. For further details contact the chairman

Mrs B Allen

01252 331312

The Puttenham Hedgehoggers

Fun for everyone – with a great purpose

Hedgehogs, one of Britain’s best loved mammals, are seriously endangered.

We’ve lost a third of all our hedgehogs in the last decade …but Puttenham appears to have a small population.

They roam up to a mile each night, but modern gardens make it hard for them to get around to forage and mate.  HOWEVER our locals are helping – with the aim of turning Puttenham into a ‘hedgehog-friendly’ village.

All ages are involved: from children to our oldest residents (nearby villages can take part too).

The campaign helps people make their gardens more wildlife-friendly, including the installation of vital ‘hedgehog highways’: CD-sized boundary holes to connect everyone’s properties, plus practical hints and tips such as building log piles and using natural slug repellents, rather than dangerous chemicals.  Sightings are also recorded.

The campaign was started in 2018 and has even been featured on ITV news. It’s committed to helping our prickly pals not just survive, but thrive. 

Further info/advice, hole-making help and to report sightings:

Sue Skeats: / 07976 522671­­

The Old Forge, 106 The Street

Debbie Mitchell: / 07887 573377

15 Mundays Boro Road

Save the Puttenham Hedgehogs Campaign

Kit's A3 poster - Hedgehog Holemaking

Puttenham and Wanborough Toddler and Baby Group

All babies and toddlers from Puttenham, Wanborough and the local area are welcome, accompanied by an adult. 
Weekly singing, playing and activities.
Every Wednesday during term time in the Marwick Hall, Puttenham. 

9.00 am – 11.00 am.

Youth Club

The club is for any young people from Puttenham and surrounding villages, aged 8 – 18 to come and take part in activities, meet friends old and new or just to sit and chill out. It is open fortnightly on a Tuesday between 7.00pm and 9.00pm. Entry is £1.00 per session. See village news for dates. For any further information contact the chairman.

Mr J Green
01483 810678

The Royal British Legion Puttenham and Wanborough Branch

The Royal British Legion - Wikipedia

President – Cdr. N Attenborough 01483  810216

Chairman – Mr C Tuckwell 01252  718676

Treasurer – Mr R Saunders 01483  810575

Secretary & Membership Enquiries – Mr M Bramley 01483  811139

Open to anyone who supports the aims of the Legion and its several organisations established to help ex-service personnel in need.  Activities include the annual Service of Rememberance and the Poppy Day Appeal.  New members are assured a warm welcome.  National affiliation fee £17.00 per annum no local subscription.

Puttenham Compo Shopping Bus

Timetable for journey to/from Godalming on Thursday Only:

Munday’s Boro 10.00am
Good Intent P.H. 10.05am
Jackson’s Corner (A3) 10.09am

Waitrose, Godalming 10.15am
Sainsbury’s Godalming 10.20am

Sainsbury’s 12.15pm
Waitrose 12.22pm

Munday’s Boro 12.38pm

The bus carries a maximum of 14. If  you would like to use the bus please advise the driver on a previous trip or ring Jane Perowne on 01483 810758. Passengers holding a Free Bus Pass travel free of charge.

Puttenham Camping Barn

Puttenham, being on the North Downs Way long-distance footpath, attracts many walkers and this led to the opening of the Eco Camping Barn – just off the village street – in 2005. Set in part of a Grade II Listed Building, conversion was done very much in harmony with the old place, and the Eco Camping Barn now welcomes hundreds of walkers and cyclists a year by offering simple overnight accommodation between Easter and October.

The Eco Barn has many “green” features, including solar panels (on the bike shed roof!), rainwater harvesting and local varieties of apple trees in the garden, with the entire project run by a small environmental charity – and wholly by volunteers, who invite others to join them. 

Details can be found on the website and if you would like further information about volunteering please contact Hilary Perry on 01252 324082.

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